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It's about building relationships not buying them... | Visualize
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It’s about building relationships not buying them…

By February 22, 2017 One Comment

So two years ago, I stumbled across the affiliate marketing channel, and well I’ve never looked back. I’ve always been keen to just buy exposure to market a brand weather that be using print or digital media. However I’ve noticed more of a return on working with dedicated partners that I’ve spent time with maturing the relationship.

Over 2016 the affiliate channel has grown over 900% in traffic and over 1500% in revenue compared to last year, and that really goes to show what the work at the start can develop into something special and 2017 is looking promising too! I’m really pleased what we’ve been able to achieve in a small amount of time.

I don’t think I would of made a return on the investment if I kept being open about tenancy really, get them to work for it rather than handing over £X to get £X (estimated) because something it doesn’t always work out like that. Maybe even look into a revenue share/CPA model to start with to see if it works for both parties…It’s a lot easier getting that signed off by the MD!

You can always get something for nothing, in theory. Maybe reach out to the publisher and offer them a competition of your products to test the waters and engagement, I’ve recently done with one of my new partners and noticed a huge difference in our traffic that week so clearly I want to build that relationship up and work with them more in 2017 and try and tie some other marketing around that brand.

As well as this you’ve got new technology coming out soon too, such as a reactive overlays – changes your site pricing, design to suit the publisher therefore increasing trust, dynamic pop ups and much more…It’s a interesting time to engage the consumer to make a purchase and using the affiliate market is vital.

It takes time, doesn’t just happen over night. Find the right publisher to work with your business and networking with those account managers to get the best possible insight, and use that to your advantage, always be open to tenancy agreements but see what they can do for you, at the end of the day your helping each other. There reaching their targets and your making revenue through them. I can assure you, get out there and make some new friends in the publishing industry. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m always up for developing new partnerships with other key brands, so if you want to reach out drop me an inbox and also what’s your opinion guys, would love to hear it?



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